Turn Up Ponytail Medical Scrub Cap – Unicorn Dreams


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Turn Up Ponytail Medical Scrub Cap – Unicorn Dreams

. It has a double layer of fabric  at front of the hat with no hem that can be fold up according to your needs (This item differs from the Regular ponytail hat which has a single layer of fabric at front and it is elaborated with hem, thus it does not allow to be fold up at front)

. It has a preform pouch that can be adjusted with the elastic and a cord stopper according to your needs

 . It comes in two sizes 

  • S-M for hair above shoulder length
  • M-L for hair below shoulders length

. Fabric is a 100% Cotton

. All seams are reinforced with serger for a long lasting durability

. Wash on a delicate settings with cold water and tumble dry

. Please be aware that not all hats are exactly the same as the one picture! They all vary depending on fabric placement!

. All sales are final!

. If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to contact the shop owner

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M-L, S-M


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