Ponytail Medical Scrub Cap-WW The Warrior


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Ponytail Medical Scrub Cap-WW The Warrior

Beautiful designed to fit your needs!

. It is made with a single layer of fabric with  hem that, thus it cannot be fold up at front (This item differs from the Turn up ponytail hat which has a double layer of fabric at front and can be be fold up at front according to your needs)

. It has a preform pouch that can be adjusted with the elastic and a cord stopper according to the length of your hair

 . It comes in one size only

. Fabric is a 100% Cotton

. All seams are reinforced with serger for a long lasting durability

. Wash on a delicate settings with cold water and tumble dry

. Please be aware that not all hats are exactly the same as the one picture! They all vary depending on fabric placement!

. All sales are final!

. If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to contact the shop owner

. Thanks for visiting!


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